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Home Press ELFBAR’s Active Participation in the British Stoptober Campaign, Has Helped 1,000 Smokers Quit Smoking Successfully!
Press Apr 26, 2023

ELFBAR’s Active Participation in the British Stoptober Campaign, Has Helped 1,000 Smokers Quit Smoking Successfully!

Smokers in the UK are being challenged to quit their habits as part of a nationwide stop-smoking campaign.

Research shows that smokers are five times more likely to quit smoking for good if they can stay smoke-free for at least 28 days. As a national smoking cessation campaign running for 11 years, Stoptober aims to help thousands of British adult smokers quit smoking in October!



ELFBAR is the leading manufacturer of disposable e-cigarettes, and one of the best-selling e-cigarette brands in the UK. It has partnered with 20 retail stores across the UK as a positive response to the Stoptober campaign and launched a challenge for smokers: getting 1,000 adult smokers nationwide to give up the equivalent of 50,000 cigarettes during Stoptober.


ELFBAR is distributing our new product of CIGALIKE for free to the first 1,000 adult smokers who have committed to giving up traditional cigarettes across the UK during October. As part of Stoptober, CIGALIKE is designed to mimic traditional cigarettes specifically for core adult smokers to quit. The product has a diameter of 9 mm, quite handy for traveling. Upgraded with a coil, it can provide adult smokers and vapers with approximately 400 puffs, equal to 50 standard cigarettes.





Mandeep Singh Kohli, the owner of Flawless CBD and Vape Shop, has his store participate in the challenge as one of 20 retail stores nationwide. He said: "ELFBAR has served as one of the UK's leading vaping brands and helped thousands of ex-smokers switch to vaping, as the data in Public Health England show that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. ”


Victor XIAO, CEO of ELFBAR, said: "Stoptober is a great campaign, with the goal of raising people's awareness of vaping as a much less harmful and expensive alternative to smoking. We're challenging smokers to give up the equivalent of tens of thousands of cigarettes during Stoptober while inspiring them to quit smoking. According to the UK National Health Service NHS (hereinafter referred to as NHS), e-cigarettes are one of the best ways to quit smoking. Brands like ours can partner more closely with the retail industry to play an important role by getting this message to adult smokers. ”





NHS has been strongly supporting Stoptober and highlighted vaping as one of the leading ways to quit smoking. It states that around two-thirds of vapers have successfully quit smoking on its promoting website.


Public health campaigns like Stoptober play a vital part in raising people’s awareness with advice on alternatives to smoking, as there are still around six million smokers in England. ELFBAR is pleased to be helpful by challenging adult smokers to give up their traditional cigarettes and try vaping as a smoking cessation alternative.