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Press Dec 5, 2022

Statement on Global Anti-counterfeiting of ELFBAR

The fight by ELFBAR against unauthorized and counterfeit devices is a long-term commitment to quality and service.

Since the launch of our anti-counterfeiting action in June 2021, we have cracked down on more than 120 counterfeit production and sales targets, including factories, warehouses, logistics, and foreign trade companies and seized more than 2 million finished fake ELFBAR products, millions of packaging boxes, anti-counterfeit codes, semi-finished vaping pipes and other accessories.




Scene of a Fake Factory Seized by the Police



Video Screenshot of a Counterfeit Factory



Recently, the production process of counterfeit factories has been reproduced on social media, which has greatly affected the external reputation of ELFBAR. This is not the manufacturing factory of ELFBAR and the factory is producing counterfeit products. The video contains smoking shots and the process of making counterfeit products, which is a totally wrong and misleading demonstration for our customers. We are asking the Poster and TikTok to delete this kind of information and reserve the right to take legal action to defend the reputation of ELFBAR.




Condition of Counterfeit Products Factory



The criminals behind these counterfeit products care nothing about product safety or the safety of consumers and they cut every corner possible to maximize their profits. Frankly, the conditions in these factories are squalid with workers working in filthy conditions with no regard for hygiene at all. We would not stand by while counterfeiting proliferates, tarnishing the reputation of the established manufacturers and put consumers' safety at significant risk. We are clamping down hard on the illegal vape market and are building up an intelligence dossier on fake products as the counterfeiters get smarter and more efficient.




ELFBAR Intelligent Production Factory



As part of its fight against fake vapes, ELFBAR is running an initiative to make retailers and consumers aware of the threat posed by counterfeit manufacturers. During the campaign, ELFBAR has released a video showing their real production process and how consumers can avoid buying counterfeit products by scanning anti-counterfeiting identification QR codes.




Inside the ELFBAR factory | Explore the Real Factory



Combating counterfeits is a priority for ELFBAR and we remain zero tolerance for fake vapes across the entire industry. If you find any suspected counterfeit products, please contact us by email at legal@elfbar.com.