WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

ELFA, it's alpha!

ELFA Prefilled
Pod Kit

More Vaping with Replaceable Pod
Sustainable idea of no wasted battery

Your economical choice as well

High Authentic Tastes
and Rich Vapours

Innovative mesh coil used for great experience

Enjoy Vaping Anytime

Fast and sensitive activation to offer instant flavour hits.

Soft Touch Feeling & Long Lifespan

Compact design and durable metal for longer vape

ELFA 2 ml Parameters

  • 16 x 108 mm

  • Type-C

  • 600 puffs

  • 500 mAh

ELFA 4 ml Parameters

  • 20 x 110.4 mm

  • Type-C

  • 1200 puffs

  • 850 mAh

Max Out Your Taste

ELFA 2 ml

ELFA 4 ml