WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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RULES: We are looking for talented artists to participate in ELFBAR's first global design contest. The purpose of this contest is to invite super creative designers worldwide to design the appearance of our product. We want to bring their talents in the art to the vape industry.
As a voter, you can vote for your favorite designer and select the top three designer entries in your mind. There will be a reward of 2000USD for the designer who has the most voted design.
Voting is limited to three votes per day and once the results are submitted, you will be entered into a drawing and the lucky winner will receive ELFBAR branded peripheral gifts.

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  • kitsune


    Feel the amazing taste of grapes and fall into a magic dream, transforming into a kitsune under blooming sakura that fill the entire space with delicate flavor around you


  • entropy and chaos


    The personification of entropy and chaos


  • Japanese oni


    For works 1 and 3, the theme of the Japanese oni (demon) was taken, naturally hovering to match the theme of the product. For designation and better brand recognition, I have added your trademark on the illustration. Also, the choice of the theme was justified by its popularity, the colors were taken neutral, bright, but not interrupting the font over the illustration, in order to focus on the widest possible audience. For the second work, a character was developed - a mascot, its main task is to look stylish and unusual at the same time, to attract attention and highlight the product on the market from the mass

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/MilkaFox_Tamila_Khalilova/1.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/MilkaFox_Tamila_Khalilova/2.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/MilkaFox_Tamila_Khalilova/3.png"]

  • RED MOJITO and Blue Razz ICE


    RED MOJITO is immediately connected with Red Panda, then added a bit of steam and finished off the empty places with lime slices and mint for maximum understanding of what taste is in front of you. And as for the Blue Razz ICE, also by color association, the majestic blue dragon was chosen, which releases vapors (my favorite taste) of liquid and also chill.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Anton_Antonov/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Anton_Antonov/2.jpg"]

  • Minecraft


    The work is made in a pixel style, which is associated with the cult game "Minecraft". Red and purple berries, between which are leaves and branches.


  • Ancient Greece.


    Inspired by the mythology of Ancient Greece. Shifted it to a modern twist.


  • ELF Demon


    In every person there is a particle of light and darkness. In this design, they are depicted. On the one hand, a portrait of a person is depicted, like light. On the other hand, his shadow is depicted, like darkness. For the artist, e-cigarettes are associated with calm and balance. Therefore, it is between the two sides. Between light and darkness.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/2.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/3.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/4.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/5.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/6.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/7.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/8-1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/8.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/9.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/10.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/11.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/12-1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/12.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/13-1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/anna/13.jpg"]


  • Cat


    What do people love the most? That's right, cats. What could be better than a cute cat? Cool cat! And most importantly, he is the same lover to soar. With this illustration, your device will acquire not only a stylish design, but also an attractive companion.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Victoria_Bormotova/1.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Victoria_Bormotova/2.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Victoria_Bormotova/3.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Victoria_Bormotova/4.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Victoria_Bormotova/5.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Victoria_Bormotova/6.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Victoria_Bormotova/7.png"]

  • Blue Razz ICE


    The main body color is black and it's not just that. The black color was chosen because the users I interviewed prefer dark designs over light ones. The print on the body of the e-cigarettes on the right was copied from many Elf Bar vapor photos. And the body design on the left is the same vapor, but presented as long, jerky lines. The line colors indicate their taste, the flavor and color ratios were taken from the original Elf Bar line.


  • ELF Samurai


    The design idea is: After an atack that killed thousands the world had to construct the Elf Bar that revived all the species and made a mythical vaping tropical world, this world is divided in 12 different flavors, every flavor being unique and brilliant.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/art_quil/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/art_quil/2.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/art_quil/3.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/art_quil/4.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/art_quil/5.jpg"]


  • Zombies


    I made this design because I was inspired by the game Plants vs Zombies


  • mysticism


    I really like everything mystical and unusual. Based on my surroundings, I decided to create designs that are a bit fantastical and daring. I think that for people who love mysticism or just those who want to stand out, they will really like it.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Maria_Hazidi/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Maria_Hazidi/2.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Maria_Hazidi/3.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Maria_Hazidi/4.jpg"]

  • Association with tastes


    Nothing special, it's just some association with tastes, because I draw a lot and usually vape during this process

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Margarita_Nesterova/1.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Margarita_Nesterova/2.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Margarita_Nesterova/3.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Margarita_Nesterova/4.png"]

  • Mr. Doodle


    This designer is lazy, he/she didn't leave anything.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/scott_tarbox/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/scott_tarbox/2.jpg"]


  • Ice-Lush, Sukura Grape


    For these pieces I tried to illustrate the flavors of the vapes. The sweet aromas of the smoke and fruity after taste inspired me to have the fruit growing out of the vapes as this as how they feel when using them.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/josh_dietz/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/josh_dietz/2.jpg"]


  • smart animals


    This design depicts implants with a built-in vape system that beautiful reptiles enjoy. Cyberimplants, smart animals, smart animals with cyberimplants. What could be better than a modification available to any living being?

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Diana_Urazgildina/1.png", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Diana_Urazgildina/2.png"]

  • sakura and grapes


    The idea was based on the enchanting aroma of sakura and grapes. The main task was to convey the taste - on the drawn illustration you can see how the aroma comes out of the “sakura”, which is all covered and soaked with grapes. I decided to design it out of imagination - to imagine ordinary grapes and sakura is very boring and tedious, mixing you can get an amazing character who reveals himself by trying. When biting a grape, its liquid and taste flows out, sakura is a wind that is able to convey the “basic taste” to the environment around it.


  • Cute


    I really love watching anime and drawing it. On that day, I bought myself a one-off from your company and after a few hours I came across a video on tik tok, and decided to try to participate in this venture by drawing what works best.


  • Nature


    I wanna put the nature on the product.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Denis_Tomashev/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Denis_Tomashev/2.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Denis_Tomashev/3.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Denis_Tomashev/4.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Denis_Tomashev/5.jpg"]

  • Drink


    Customers need to interact not only with pod, but also with it's design!


  • Minecraft


    Red and orange colors were used in the work, because these are the colors of the products (quince - yellow and pomegranate - red) The colors are bright and nuclear, describing the richness of taste. Pieces of ice mean the presence of a chill. The idea, frankly, is improvisation


  • ELF Grape


    These emotional little grapes are meant to be whimsical and fun. Each grape is full of personality, inspired by the bold Elfbar flavor.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/christina_majic/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/christina_majic/2.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/christina_majic/3.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/christina_majic/4.jpg"]


  • Funny fruit


    Funny fruit image would be interesting for creation.

    ["https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Kristina_Nasonova/1.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Kristina_Nasonova/2.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Kristina_Nasonova/3.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Kristina_Nasonova/4.jpg", "https://dbh4s5ja0maaw.cloudfront.net/design_drafts/images/Kristina_Nasonova/5.jpg"]

  • Plaid Shirt


    Plaid Shirt is my fav shirt,I wanna ELFBAR with my fav shirt.